Beilarly Audio Case Sharing-[Berry Hotel Zhouzhou ~ Studio City KTV]

Park Lane Hotel-City of Dreams KTV, located in Meixian District, Meizhou City. Meixian is known as the "hometown of culture", "hometown of overseas Chinese" and "hometown of football". Melco Club KTV is meticulously built by Beilarly professional audio, using space elements to integrate Qiaoxiang style design, simple shape, color matching, lighting design, can give people a unique sense of design expression, use a variety of The design style is in line with the public's aesthetics and has been recognized and loved by the public.

In addition to the environment, sound effects are a top priority for K-song lovers. Melco KTV and Beilarly Stage Audio have created the ultimate sound effects for them.

This time, KTV audio equipment with good bass elasticity, sufficient strength, high vocal bandwidth, high intermediate frequency density, and high treble clarity and brightness can be easily driven to meet the atmosphere of the scene and meet the application requirements of KTV entertainment venues. The stability meets the high-standard sound requirements of Melco KTV, and is highly recognized by customers and consumers.

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