The focus ofBeilarly Audio, firm development pace, achieve excellent quality

Now that the competition in the stage audio market is increasing day by day, audio companies need to keep pace with the times and reflect their advantages in the fierce market competition, otherwise they will lag behind the times and be abandoned by the industry. Today, we talk about the development and achievements of Hong Kong Beilarly professional stage audio manufacturers over the past 22 years.

Beilarly is a professional professional stage audio manufacturer in China. Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the high-quality brand strategy and is committed to providing customers with first-class audio products and services. It is a professional audio equipment manufacturer and industry solution provider integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The company is located in the Industrial Park of Nanhai District, Foshan City. The workshop covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters and has more than 300 experienced production and manufacturing employees and a team of professional tuner. A number of independently developed products have obtained national patents, and the quality management system has passed the audit of nationally recognized mandatory certification bodies and European UKAS recognized certification bodies, and obtained domestic and international quality system certification certificates, as well as the national mandatory product certification CCC Certifications, marketing and service networks are all over the world.

Strong manufacturers to meet customized needs

With the development of the times, traditional audio products can no longer meet the needs of the project. Nowadays, there are more and more customized concepts in various industries. How can we really make customized products? As a manufacturer with 22 years of design and production experience, Beilarly has always insisted on speaking with strength. First of all, Beilarly manufacturers have an excellent R & D team, equipped with complete R & D and test equipment. Several production lines, large production capacity, lower cost, faster delivery; secondly, unlike other factories with a single category, Beilarly provides professional design and customized services, and better services at the same price. From design to structure, raw materials to finished products, we will never cut corners and operate in good faith. The quality inspection control is strictly based on the ISO9001 international quality management system, and has won many awards from the country and the industry.

80000+ professional audio engineering cases, speak with strength

At present, the positioning of the Beilarly Audio brand is tailor-made professional stage audio design solution packages, providing customers with one-stop support of factory production + engineering services. It mainly provides solutions for bars KTV entertainment venues, hotel banquet halls, theaters, auditoriums, multifunctional halls, gymnasiums, performances, cultural tourism landscapes and high-end cinemas.

No fear of competition, firm development pace

Beverly believes that competition is a normal phenomenon, and every industry will face competition, and competition can make enterprises more powerful. In the fierce market competition, the Beilarly audio brand continues to strengthen its internal strength and practice, according to the market The situation has been optimized. Over the years, many strategic insistences and adjustments have been made in the field of stage audio, in order to impress customers with professionalism.

For twenty-two years, Beilarly has only focused on one thing, which is "creating a voice that customers like." Today, the company's products and engineering projects have been sold all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other places. The sales volume has steadily increased and is trusted by customers. For the upcoming 2020, Beilarly will still adhere to its own characteristics, firm its pace of development, and have both strength and confidence. Beilarly will do better!

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