Playing songs for the motherland, walking with the times

On the evening of September 23rd, a large-scale literary party hosted by Tianjin Baodi District Committee and District Government, “Playing Songs for the Motherland and Walking with the Times” to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, was splendidly performed in Baodi Stadium.

The party opened with a song "No New China without the Communist Party". The actors and audience sang a chorus to express their love for the party and the motherland.

The performance that night was divided into three movements, namely the rebirth of the old country, the prosperous age, and the building of dreams. Before each movement, a narrator came to the stage to tell and lead the performance of this movement.

The first movement uses songs such as "Defending the Yellow River", "Singing a Mountain Folk Song to the Party" and "My Motherland" to integrate Chinese drums and Tai Chi to show the tenacity and perseverance of the Chinese nation.

The second movement is composed of the song "The Story of Spring", the chorus of the opera song "Yi Hai Nian Hua", "On the Field of Hope", "Our Life Is Full of Sunlight", "The Time of Well-off", "Love My China", etc. The breath of recovery of all things expressed gratitude to the party.

The third movement shows original songs from Baodi, such as "Welcome to Baodi", "Fighting Baodi" and "Building Dreams", as well as the drum show "Ode to the Motherland", which shows Baodi's firm confidence in realizing the "Chinese Dream"

Finally, the performance ended slowly in the chorus "Singing the Motherland". The performance was full of surprises throughout the night. In addition to the wonderful dance design and bright lights, it also benefited from the powerful stage sound effects.

The party used the audio equipment provided by Beilarly professional stage audio manufacturers, including 12 single 12-inch linear array main expansion speakers, 2 single 18-inch linear array low and medium speakers, 3 four-channel linear array full-frequency main power amplifiers, 1 A line array mid-bass power amplifier, 4 single 15-inch full-frequency stage return listening speakers, 2 two-channel switching power supply return listening amplifiers, 4 dual 18-inch ultra-low frequency speakers, 1 two-channel professional power amplifier and audio processor, 32 Road digital mixing console, etc., make the live sound effects of the party vividly.

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