Beilarly stage audio manufacturers global brand strategy

With the increasingly fierce competition in the global stage audio market and the rising costs of raw materials, labor, logistics and transportation, it is very urgent for Beilarly stage audio manufacturers to maintain their leading position in the industry and achieve "quality growth" The problem.

Through 22 years of hard work and entrepreneurship, Beilarly has entered the stage of global brand strategy development in 2019. Need to customize products and solutions.

Beilarly believes that the Internet era brings fragmentation of marketing, and the traditional enterprise production and sales model can no longer meet the personalized needs of end customers. Enterprises must change from "enterprise-centric selling products" to "user-centric selling services." "Business model. In this context, Beilarly has become an integrated channel service provider for online and offline integration in the Internet era. Through the official website and other online channels, customers can understand the company's strength, receive customer needs, provide professional stage audio solutions for customers, and provide engineering site survey design, project construction, equipment use training and other services offline.

In the age of the Internet, the outstanding performance is the development of personalization and multi-polarization. It is difficult for a single product to meet the needs of end customers. To this end, Beilarly audio manufacturers actively promote complete solutions for audio systems. Beilarly has a professional design and R & D department, equipped with complete R & D and test equipment, which can provide customers with one-to-one full-tracking services. Engineers come to your site for free surveys, professional teams design for free, and select the most suitable audio products according to the plan. During the cooperation process, the sound designer made a series of system engineering documents such as system design plans, system connection diagrams, equipment configuration diagrams, etc. according to local conditions, and provided customers with engineering guidelines and engineering budgets based on intuitive and professional design plans and rational suggestions. Customized professional stage sound design package, and strive to create perfect sound effects.

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